Art Deco Granite Peacock

Item #05879

An exceptional carved granite peacock from the Art Deco period, with unfurled tail and articulated feathers, on integral rectangular base, Indian, ca. 1930.  68 ins. high, 77 ins. wide, 18 ins. deep, tail feathers 6 ins. thick.

Traditionally placed at the entrances to Indian palaces, temples and other significant buildings, peacocks were considered excellent guards because of their aggressive temperament and snake-eating abilities. Carved stone peacocks can be found at the entrance to the splendid Lukshmi Vilas palace in Gujarat, India, and the most magnificent tiled peacock gate may be seen at the City Palace in Jaipur, among other examples. Designated as the national bird of India, the peacock is frequently represented in mythology, poetry, folk music, and art. Moreover, the peacock is associated with several Hindu deities, including Indra, the god of thunder, rain, and war.

Barbara says, "I've never owned a statue that has been admired as much as this peacock.  It's a mystery to me that we still have it as it will be a knockout addition to a garden.  Carved front and back it's beyond spectacular".